How to use wordle hints! [free wordle complete strategy site]

  • Wordle is too hard!
  • I don’t understand Wordle!
  • I’m not good at wordle, it’s annoying!

People who have these problems! Good news! You too can get to the wordle answer in an instant with this site!

Whenever I have time to commute to work or when I have free time, I tend to play with it because it’s so interesting.

In this article, I’ll explain some simple strategies for wordle, even if you don’t have the vocabulary, and some tips on how to get the answers!

What is wordle hints?

If you are doing WORDLE, your vocabulary will be tested. If you don’t have that many combination patterns or vocabulary, there is a trick to make it easier!

The secret is at the following site! Of course, this service is free of charge.

How to use wordle hints?

①Access WORDLE

Wordle - A daily word game
Guess the hidden word in 6 tries. A new puzzle is available each day.

②Enter the first five letters of the first word in the first sentence

③Access wordle-hints

On my phone, I open two tabs and go back and forth between pages so it’s easier to see and type!

④Check the color of each letter.

When you’re done, click Show Hints!

⑤ Check the number of candidates and candidate words!


That leaves us with 167 candidates! This is a lot…

Unopened most potential letter

I mean the most likely alphabet among the unanswered choices!

Not much to worry about here!

If you want to increase your chances a little, try selecting words that contain letters from the alphabet here!

see full words list

Clicking here will bring up a candidate five-letter word!

⑥Now repeat this process!


Also, no matches at all…it’s useless.

You might think, “But this is where it gets super fast!

By the time you’re done typing for the second time, the number of candidates will be significantly reduced to 15!

I got to the answer in less than three minutes!

I explained how to use wordle-hints to find the best solution effortlessly, no technique required, even for those with limited vocabulary! You can use it if you like.